Entry #1 & The Transcontinental Race

So having not written a blog before, excuse me if I make a mess of it. It looks easy when you read them… right? Not quite as sure now i’m typing.

Anyway, at least i have a good topic to underpin it. The Transcontinental Race (http://www.transontinentalrace.com). It came about (my participation rather than the race itself) via a dangerous combination of a love of cycling, some great friends and a soft spot for increasingly unfeasible challenges.

So it started during a chat with my mate Ron Savin in October last year. It was one of those chats where you talk about how everyone’s growing up, how we used to roll back in the day and how scary growing up is, and, rather than the usual brutal hangover, on this occasion it ended up with the pair of us signed up to ride over 2000 miles, unsupported, from my house in Camberwell to Istanbul. For my fellow competitors, don’t worry, the race doesn’t actually start at my house but if we’re riding to Istanbul it doesn’t seem worth the effort to drive the 3 miles to the start.

Since then we’ve roped two great friends into joining us and this blog is going to track our progress in the preparation of the route, our bodies, minds, equipment and the rest of the seemingly endless list of other considerations we hadn’t taken account of when we gleefully shook on the challenge, and then of course on the race itself. For me, i decided the best way to prepare would be to get back to the shape i was in when i was at my strongest and that was when i was competing on the road racing circuit, so i’ll be doing a full calendar on the road along with some long distance adventures with the boys and hopefully i’ll turn up at the start line with the legs to carry me to Istanbul! Hopefully a few people will follow us in this journey, read this blog and post some comments (especially tips please)!

No doubt there will be countless people reading this that are highly concerned for my welfare in taking on such a formidable challenge, but fear not, i have some outstanding support in the form of:

Rob (Ron) Savin – Transcontimentalist

Tom Stone (Stoney) – Transcontimentalist

Kieran (K-Ron) Shanahan – Transcontimentalist

Morvelo Cycling Apparel (http://www.morvelo.com) –  Provider of outstanding clobber and fellow intrepid adventurers

Cyfac (http://www.cyfac.fr) – Bike sponsor and legendary frame builders

Urban Energie (http://www.urbanenergiefitness.com) – Nutrition expert and hobnob hater


Watch this space!

20140223_153512 20140315_092012


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